Private Corporate/Consumer Classes

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  • Customized Private tastings in your home for up to 20 people including;
    • 5 wines from around the world
    • Wine presentation and stemware included
    • Food pairing suggestions
    • Catering available upon request
  • Wine Dinners with Customized menus and chefs available
  • Private wine educational classes for your group of friends
  • Help to select , build and create personal wine cellar collections, based on clients specific needs
  • Wine shopping for clients based on their personal taste profile¬†


  • Wine Education/Tasting classes for your business or event space for groups of all size
  • Private tutoring for corporate individuals needing assistance on ordering wines at client restaurant dinners
  • Shopping and selection of wines for events
  • Team Building Blending Classes available
  • 101 Classes on harder to understand regions such as: France, Italy, Spain, South America, Bordeaux. ¬†
  • Wine 101 Basics ¬†
  • Wine ‘History, Civilization and Politics in a Glass’