Everything that I do is about educating, whether it’s teaching or consulting. We look at the entire world of wine – the business end, the viniculture; viticulture and how everything works – not only how it tastes or smells. 

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The Thru Vines Zoom Wine Class Series is a selection of educational wine workshops that are for the naturally adventurous wine lover. These classes are meant for people who would like to learn and experience a live class from the comfort of their own home.  Currently there are an array of different classes that have been adopted to this new world of virtual tastings, so you can have a fun and somewhat interactive experience, while learning more about wine, at your own space.

These classes are great for individuals, couples or small gatherings where  the ability to  cast to a larger screen is available  and share wine costs.

In these one-two hour classes, your wine educator creates an environment focused on students and consumers to feel relaxed and ask as many questions that arise in the learning process.

The Zoom Wine Class Series is geared toward the consumer who wants a better understanding of  wine, and wants to be a more informed buyer.

These classes also make great personal group classes, girls nights, date nights, or getting together with friends and family from somewhere else in the country, that might not be able to travel right now. You can still have a shared experience and share your love of wine virtually.

We are careful to give the most up to date information, so that they can make more educated decisions in their wine purchases. A list of wines and the stores you can purchase them from will be sent with your confirmation email.

Everything and anything wine.

Wine 101

Zoom Wine Class Series

Wine doesn’t have to be intimidating. Come and learn the basics about tasting, pouring, storing, food pairings and the secrets to help you get better bang for your buck buying wines you will love to drink!

Red Wines for Summer

Zoom Wine Class Series

With only so much cash in our pockets, we all tend to buy what we like regardless of the time of year. Those of you faithful only to  red wine…this is the class for you.    It’s an opportunity to find some other reds that you might truly enjoy; refreshing reds that will not be too heavy and overpowering during the summer’s heat!  Discover wines that are great alternative reds for this time of year.

Organic and Biodynamic Wines

Zoom Wine Class Series

Wine is one of our favorite foods! We just don’t think about it this way.We all care about our other food and where it comes from, what goes on and in  it, and how it is processed. Understand what it means in wine.

Loire Valley Wines

Zoom Wine Class Series

France has gifted us wine lovers with so many amazing wines.  This 1.5 hour class will go the regions of the Loire Valley and taste and learn about this historic wine region.  Both red and white (and rose!)

Something for everyone in this region!

Rose Wine Class-Pink is the New Black

Zoom Wine Class Series

Rose is in! Real men drink pink….as do women. We are talking about the brilliant dry rosé made around the world that refresh, and satisfy in the heat of the summer and are so versatile they pair with meals year round!

Sparkling Wine

Zoom Wine Class Series

Getting up on this side of the dirt every day is always worth celebrating, But you don’t even need to be celebrating to drink bubbly! It can be such a great food paring!  Learn what makes them all unique and why they taste so different!

Italian White Wines-Beyond Pinot Grigio

Zoom Wine Class Series

We all miss Italy. Since we might not be able to travel there this summer, let’s travel through wine! Italy has so many other whites that are refreshing and easy to drink-beyond Pinot Grigio!

Bordeaux Red and White Wines

Zoom Wine Class Series

Trying to navigate through any of the complex French Wine regions is hard.

It’s enough to make you just ignore them, and move on to what is easier. But some things are worth figuring out.

Bordeaux is one of them.

Big Bold Reds

Zoom Wine Class Series

Big Bold Reds are the fashion, and if you love these wines. Try this class. We will talk about what makes them so full of flavour, how they are made, and how they are best enjoyed!

'You can have a party with friends around the states!'

I have taken several zoom classes - they are so much fun. you pick up wines in the varietals she gives you and with friends or family or strangers you discuss your choices after a lesson on the grapes. You can have a "party" with friends and family from around the states.

Liz Parrot

Managing Attourney at Weinstein & Riley PS //TN office

You can ask as many questions as you like!

Billie’s Zoom classes are fun and interactive. We can ask as many questions as necessary and she is able to answer all of them with her wealth of knowledge. The thing I’ve found most helpful is getting out of my comfort zone so when I go to the Wine store I don’t buy the same thing over and over again!

Amy Doyle

Manager, Portfolio and Product Management at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Learning about wine from my couch!

I’ve been drinking and learning about wine for 20+ years and I always learn something new in Billie’s classes. and leave with a new appreciation for the art of winemaking. The ZOOM format has been wonderful, allowing friends to connect while maintaining social distance, and I don’t have to leave my couch!

Terri Brady

Director of Network Development at Vanderbilt Health

Connect through wine.

The thing about wine is the connection of it all. First, you get together to learn about it. Next you’re meeting new people, over new tastes, with a common interest that goes far past the second glass. Sometimes it’s not about what you’re drinking, it’s who you’re sharing it with.

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For the consumer, we conduct wine dinners, tastings, and educational classes and courses to suit every type of event, whether private or corporate. Everything and anything wine. This is just the beginning.

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