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Chateau Ducasse Blanc


Chateau Ducasse Blanc
Bordeaux Blanc
Bordeaux France

Crowd pleasing wine for any form of gatherings. 


• GRAPE: 70% Semilion/30% Sauvignon blanc
• This is a dry wine. with  aromas and flavors of meyer lemon, nectarines, bartlett pears with a fresh basil. It has a creamy but electric mouthfeel, and a clean finish
• Kermit Lynch import! Bottled unfiltered; only 8500 cases a year
• Pairs with grilled chicken, chicken salad, deviled eggs, salty or soft cheeses, cod, mahi and fish tacos. Great picnic wine!

• Winery on left bank of Bordeaux in the Graves region,small family owned and farmed by Hervé Dubourdieu
• HVE certified, a highly regarded sustainability certification: no synthetic chemical inputs in vineyard
• Also produces an amazing Sauternes and Graves Blanc