Everything that I do is about educating, whether it’s teaching or consulting. We look at the entire world of wine – the business end, the viniculture; viticulture and how everything works – not only how it tastes or smells. 

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Natural Wine

Natural Wine

A Thru the Vines Wine Geek Series Workshop

What is this new type of wine you keep hearing about…Natural wine? 

This is a not so new, but growing category of wines. These wines are made with natural yeasts, no additives, very little manipulation and little to no sulfite additions. Taste and decide for yourself, if you will add these to your list of wine buys. Come with an open mind…

  • What makes a wine ‘natural’?
  • Learn about the way ‘natural’ wines are made
  • Learn about labeling and how to understand it all
  • Taste through some different examples from around the world of this new movement

What's Covered

Natural? Aren't all wines natural?

Yes, and no...

Is Natural a legal term?

Yes! Finally the French have come thru!

Aren't they all pretty expensive wines?

No, they aren't!

Do they taste good?

Yes they can, but there are some that don't. Good thing taste is subjective!

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