Everything that I do is about educating, whether it’s teaching or consulting. We look at the entire world of wine – the business end, the viniculture; viticulture and how everything works – not only how it tastes or smells. 

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Tasting Blind

Tasting Blind

A Thru the Vines Wine Geek Series Workshop

‘The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.’(Daniel J. Boorstin)

We all have our own idea of what is ‘good’ or ‘not good’ when it comes to wine. We have our favorites, and often get stuck on them. Sometimes we don’t try something new, because one of our friends had a bad one, and they’ve told us we won’t like it. The only way to cure that, is by trying something totally blind. Blind tastings can be very intimidating. However, when conducted in a fun environment, with carefully selected wines; you might discover something you didn’t know you liked! 

Public guesses are optional!. We will go over some of the contemporary scientific evidence on taste and our brain, and how it applies to drinking wine. It will be an excellent opportunity to sample some wines without any preconceived perceptions or bias.

Two things that definitely influence your experience!

  • Learn what really goes on in your brain and your body when you drink wine
  • Discover what influences your choices in wine purchases
  • Experience true blind tasting for yourself and discover some new wine favorites

What's Covered

Am I going to have to take a test?

Yes, and no...

Will we be wearing blindfolds?


I'm not good at blind tasting wine...

The class is called Tasting Blind, not Blind Tasting...

I don't really know that much about wine yet. Is this a good class for me?

Yes! It is a good class for all!

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