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Wine 101: Spain


A Thru the Vines 101 Series Workshop

Spain is one of the aisles in your favorite wine store that you should be wandering over to; if you like full bodied reds, easy drinking blends, or crisp refreshing whites.

Spain has the largest area under vine in the world, and  has a long history steeped in viticulture and wine making.We will cover some history, regions like Rioja and Bierzo, and  grapes like Tempranillo and Garnacha. We will taste through some exciting wines that are available here in Nashville. 


What's Covered


Same grape known as Grenache in the rest of the world

What makes you think I will like wines from Spain?

If you like wines from California, there are some similarities!

Refreshing whites?

A world of them; Albarino, Godello and Macabeu

So isn't Rioja a grape?

Actually that is the name of a famous region, where the grape Tempranillo is king.

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