Everything that I do is about educating, whether it’s teaching or consulting. We look at the entire world of wine – the business end, the viniculture; viticulture and how everything works – not only how it tastes or smells. 

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Zoom Sparkling Wine Class

Sparkling Wine

Zoom Wine Class Series

Getting up on this side of the dirt every day is always worth celebrating, But you don’t even need to be celebrating to drink bubbly! It can be such a great food paring!  Learn what makes them all unique and why they taste so different!

  • Learn the different methods of making wines sparkle and how it affects flavor
  • Why is Champagne so expensive and is it worth it?
  • Perfect every day sparkling wines
  • Brut, Extra Brut, Extra Dry? What am I buying?

What's Covered

Isn't all bubbly called Champagne?

No it isn't, but there are other options!

Is sparkling wine made from red or white grapes?

Yes, and no...

Is Prosecco considered Champagne?

No, but that's okay, it is still good!

I don't really know that much about wine yet. Is this a good class for me?

Yes! It is a good class for all!

Private In-Home Classes & Workshops with an intimate, interactive and engaging experience.


Students get hands-on experience with a selection of wines that are covered and discussed in class.


Food pairings are served to explore underlying tastes and learn how, and why, food affects your wine experience.


Know where to go and what you’re looking for with professional advice on your next wine selection.

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