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Valpantena Garganega BIB


Valpantena Garganega BIB
3 L Bag in Box = 4 btls
Verona, Italy

This is a GREAT bag in box  for every day, a party or gathering of friends. Equals 4 bottles of QUALITY WINE  for under $8/bottle

• GRAPE: 100% Garganega
• Aromas and flavors of apples, lemons and pear drops, with a slightly nutty and herbal tone. Very fresh and clean.
• Wine from a great cooperative in the northern part of Italy: low intervention in the vineyard and winery
• Pairs with Tapas, seafood, salad, pasta with pesto and cream sauces, carbonera, salty hard and soft cheeses, chicken salad, Thai and Chinese dishes with white meats or seafood, and a bit of spice

• Cooperative whose farmers use no chemical inputs in the vineyard and follow sustainable practices in the winery
• Italian  Certified  Sustainability certificate from SNQPI
• Low intervention in the cellar, with respect to wines regional provenance