Everything that I do is about educating, whether it’s teaching or consulting. We look at the entire world of wine – the business end, the viniculture; viticulture and how everything works – not only how it tastes or smells. 

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The Thru Vines Varietal & Style Series is a selection of educational wine workshops that are for the naturally adventurous wine lover. They will help you experience different wine styles that you may have not been aware of as well as discover what your favorite grape variety tastes like from other parts of the world

Our courses are available as single workshops, or as a class series for community education event centers, fun in-home group settings or corporate and restaurant sales training.

In these one- two-hour classes, your wine educator creates an environment focused on students and consumers to feel relaxed and ask as many questions that arise in the learning process. You’ll sample a selection of wines of which are discussed as a basis of our learning topics.

The Varietal & Style Series is geared toward the consumer who wants a better understanding of varieties and styles of wine, and wants to be a more informed buyer.

We are careful to give the most up to date information, so that they can make more educated decisions in their wine purchases. Wines tasted will represent the topic, focusing on introducing smaller producers, now available in our market.

Everything and anything wine.

Life is a Cabernet...

Varietal & Style Series

Learn characteristics of this popular red grape and why it is the most popular red variety. We will blind taste examples from around the world, and possibly meet its father!


Varietal & Style Series

Chardonnay can be full bodied and sensuous, or flinty and lean, and anywhere in between. It will easily show where it was grown and how it was made in the glass.Taste and discover anew the old….blind!

Pinot Noir-Blind!

Fine wines, french vines

The movie Sideways changed the future for this fickle yet irresistible grape variety; with its perfumed aromas and delicate flavours. Almost every winemaker around the globe wants to try their hand at creating a wine from this grape.


Varietal & Style Series

Malbec is one of the oldest, yet recently rediscovered and loved black grapes in the world. We all know it from Argentina, but there are other countries who grow this variety, and it comes from France originally. It is so popular that rose and sparkling wines are made from it as well!

Pink is the New Black-Rosé

Varietal & Style Series

Rose is in! Real men drink pink….as do women. We are talking about the brilliant dry rosé made around the world that refresh, and satisfy in the heat of the summer and are so versatile they pair with meals year round!

Sparkling Wine

Varietal & Style Series

Getting up on this side of the dirt every day is always worth celebrating, But you don’t even need to be celebrating to drink bubbly! It can be such a great food paring! Come and learn what makes them all unique and taste a few different styles.

Port, Sherry, Madeira and other Fortified Wines

Varietal & Style Series

The ancient practice of preserving wines for travel led to one of the most sought after styles of wines for several centuries. Still today, these fabulous wines are made using ‘traditional meets modern methods’, bringing new fans to their fold.

Wines of Jerez

Varietal & Style Series

Sherry!  These are some of Spain’s most intriguing and delicious wines. If you love wine and love to learn, please come out with an open mind and be prepared to taste some things you may have never had before.

Big Bold Reds

Varietal & Style Series

Big Bold Reds are the fashion, and if you love these wines. Try this class. We will talk about what makes them so full of flavour, how they are made, and how they are best enjoyed! Whether they are blends or single varieties, you will find some new favorites!

Connect through wine.

The thing about wine is the connection of it all. First, you get together to learn about it. Next you’re meeting new people, over new tastes, with a common interest that goes far past the second glass. Sometimes it’s not about what you’re drinking, it’s who you’re sharing it with.

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For the consumer, we conduct wine dinners, tastings, and educational classes and courses to suit every type of event, whether private or corporate. Everything and anything wine. This is just the beginning.

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