Cantine Marilena Barbera ‘Tivitti’

Cantine Marilena Barbera
‘Tivitti’ Menfi
Sicily ITALY

About the Wine:
• 100% Inzolia (grape variety indigenous to Sicily
Aromas and flavors  of ripe peaches, nectarines, oranges and salted lime with a fresh crisp, yet creamy mouthfeel 
Pairs with: Grilled shrimp and pesto pasta or risotto, salty cheeses, Grilled swordfish, sushi, charcuterie plates and chicken salad

About the Winery:
• Female winemaker-Marilena Barbera, who took over her father’s vineyards. Voted Italian winemaker of the year in 2021
• Holds two master’s degrees, one in International law and the other in Accounting, but felt the
call to go home to Sicily and work the land.
• Certified Organic vineyards that are farmed Biodynamically
• Only a couple of miles from the sea. Sea salt carried in the air and transpired by the grapes.
• Incredibly low intervention in the cellar
• Sulfites, only added as needed at  bottling.

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