Lustau Los Arcos Amontillado


Lustau Los Arcos
Jerez, Spain


GRAPE: 100% Palomino
• Complex with salty almonds and twang(‘high toned’ biological) mixed with aromas and flavours of browned butter salted caramel, sauteed mushrooms and toasted hazelnuts, with dried fig and sage on the finish.
• Great example of an Amontillado Sherry. 18.5 % Abv (this is a wine that has been fortified with grape spirit)
• Pairs with Tapas, marcona almonds, butternut squash soup, chicken chili, cured meats and salty cheeses,  Serve chilled and watch the alcohol! Remember this is a fortifed wine, so is meant to ‘sip’ NOT chug. Makes a great apertif

• ‘Lustau is a storied and historical company that began in 1896, tending vines and making wines that were sold off to larger houses. Over the past century plus, Lustau has evolved into a large company that has purchased several Bodegas and merged with the Cabellero Group in the early 1990s. Both moves were strategic for not only growth but survival in an era where fortified wines are not the current fashion. Although the trend is often away from larger companies in popular culture, Lustau has stayed prominent and true to their heritage and the wines they make. Relevant and respected, continuing to be a leader in Jerez of excellent quality sherries.










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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