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OPP Pinot Noir

Mouton Noir Wines, Pinot Noir O.P.P.
Willamette Valley

About the Wine:
Fresh and medium bodied with red cherries, earth, and black fruits, and integrated vanilla notes

• Percentage of this sees contact with new oak as evidenced by the structure.
• Grapes sourced from several vineyard sites across the Willamette valley, Oregon.

About the Winery:
• Virtual winery owned by Andre Mack (Also African American) who was voted Best Young Sommelier in America.
• Andre Mack was the Sommelier at both the famous French Laundry and Per Se restaurants in California and
New York respectively.
• O.P.P. stands for ‘other people’s pinot’ referring to the style and accessibility of this Oregon Pinot noir for every
day pours of quality Oregon Pinot at restaurants