Simonnet Febvre Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc


Simonnet Febvre
Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc
Bourgogne, France


• GRAPE: 60% Chardonnay/ 40% Pinot Noir
• Fresh with Yellow apples and red apple skin with a rocky edge and buttered toast and brioche buns on the nose and palate with a persistant creamy mousse(bubbles)
• TRADITIONAL METHOD Sparkling wine (Second fermentation happens in bottle, and the one you buy is the one that aged in the cellar) This one for 24 months.
• Pairs with creamy and tangy cheeses, appetzers, fried foods (fried chicken, fish, wontons, tempura) salads, chicken salad, grilled chicken, turkey burgers, and all your celebrations; big or small!

• Winery started in 1840 and is located in the most northern region of Bourgogne in Chablis
• Focus on Chablis, make a great Saint Bris(Sauvignon Blanc) among other wines from the region
•Have a great tasting experience you can reserve at the winery,should you decide to visit! Also try their Brut Rose!

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