Everything that I do is about educating, whether it’s teaching or consulting. We look at the entire world of wine – the business end, the viniculture; viticulture and how everything works – not only how it tastes or smells. 

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Build your Teamwork here.

The Thru Vines Team Building Series  are two educational wine workshops that are created for encouraging a fun environment to build teamwork qualities.. By utilizing the wine industry as a model participants can get creative and showcase their individual strengths as part of a team.

These workshops are available as series, or individually to enhance teamwork within Corporate, Business, Educational and Non Profit communities.

In these two-hour workshops, your wine educator creates an environment focused on fun friendly competition and creative learning.

The Team Building series is best  suited for participants of legal drinking age, however you do not have to drink to participate. There is much more that goes on in a winery than tasting wine!

All things considered however, these workshops may be best suited for afternoon hours. Either following a lunch, or prior to a late afternoon social or dinner.

Everything and anything wine.

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Wine , Art, Economics and Marketing

Combines Blind Tasting and Marketing

Be a part of a team to create a wine company and market your new wine successfully. Compete in a friendly environment to see who comes up with the best strategy!

Wine Blending

Combines Wine Blending and Business

Become a winemaker for a couple of hours. You will try your hand at blending, labeling and marketing your own wine, with different members of your ‘team’. You will compete with other teams while your wine is judged blindly and your label and marketing plan will be assessed, and the best team will win!

A lot of Laughter

'This was a fun class! There was a lot of laughter and team building from the wine blending competition!"

Sharlene Murphy

Hospitality Manager, Waller Law

A little bit of friendly competition!

Billie’s Team Building Wine Blending Course met all my criteria for being both innovative and creative in one package!

Deborah Roberts

Executive Director Quality, Saint Thomas Health
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The thing about wine is the connection of it all. First, you get together to learn about it. Next you’re meeting new people, over new tastes, with a common interest that goes far past the second glass. Sometimes it’s not about what you’re drinking, it’s who you’re sharing it with.

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