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Terre Gaie-Brando (Cabernet Franc)


Terre Gaie
Brando-Cabernet Franc
Veneto, Italy


• GRAPE: 100% Cabernet Franc
Fresh with ripe plums, red berries, cocoa, vanilla and warm earth with a bit of spice. Great everyday wine!
• Fermented in stainless steel and aged in both stainless steel and used oak
• Pairs with all grilled meats: steak, hamburgers, ribs,porkchops, chili, stews and steak burritos!

• Winery set in the northern hills of Veneto, owned by husband and wife that work with small growers
• Vineyards are sustainably farmed and help farmers of small vineyards be financially sustainable
• Winery aims to produce wines that showcase where the grapes are grown by low intervention in the cellar