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Conti Riccati Prosecco


Conti Ricatti
Prosecco Brut
Veneto Italy


• GRAPE: 100% Glera
Fresh with apple, pear and citrus. This is a Brut Prosecco, NOT SWEET, and not a La Marca replacement (which is a bit sweeter)
• Organically grown grapes
• Pairs with fried chicken and fish, tapas, sushi, asian dishes (thai and chinese) charcuterie boards and

• Hand harvested grapes and a more serious style of Prosecco; spends 100 days on lees in the tank (usually it is only a couple of weeks)
• Sustainability Certification with Organic farming
• Ricatti family have been growing grapes on this land for a couple of centuries, but the winery founded in 2009